Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Elk Hunting...

So every year the time comes around to put in for hunts, and every year my husband gets his hopes up for the hunt of his dreams--a rifle bull elk hunt. Then, every year, his hopes and dreams are shattered and left in ruins when he doesn't get drawn out. A few years ago, he got lucky and drew out for an archery elk tag--man did that kill him when he couldn't get close enough to kill one with his bow--but if he'd had a rifle tag he swears he would've got a trophy. I never really worry--because the chances of him getting drawn for a hunt are pretty nill. We usually just get the money back. Well, not this year. This year my husband was drawn for not only one--but TWO elk hunts. If you know Todd, you know that this was the proudest moment in his life, second only to maybe when his 6 children were born. Todd, my dad, and my brother in law were drawn for a rifle bull elk hunt, and Emie and her cousins were drawn for another elk hunt as well! Todd was like giddy the other day when he found out!
So, now to the poor me part--I hate hunting. You can read more on that HERE--but what I really hate, is when the hunt gets in the way of a good family vacation! So, we usually go to Rocky Point for fall break--but not this year! Yep--Todd will be hunting with Emie during fall break! And when, do you think the other hunt is? You got it--on another school holiday, Thanksgiving--which also happens to fall on the week of our ANNIVERSARY! Ugh. So I am going to suck it up--since this is his dream hunt, and I will really try not to complain as long as: 1. I am not FORCED to keep any of the elk meat or eat it. (I am a meat snob--I stick to the 4 meat groups--chicken, cow, turkey, pig) 2. The hunting beard comes off as soon as you get home. 3. You actually KILL the big elk when you see one, and not think that you will get something later in the week, and then tell me the story about how it got away. 4. You quit saying that you NEVER get to go hunting--because we both know you go whenever you want--two words...elk farm. (that's a long story). And 5. This one is the kicker--under NO circumstances do I want a stuffed elk head hanging anywhere where I will see it and shudder on a daily basis. It must be relegated to a secluded spot, somewhere where I only have to look at the hideous thing every once in awhile. Those things gross me out. Why do men think they have to stuff dead animals and hang them on the wall. Yuck!

Really-- congratulations honey! I know you are excited--and even though I don't share your passion for hunting--if it makes you happy, it makes me happy for you! I wish you felt the same way about my shopping! Oh well. I love you!


Tawni said...

I am soo there with you!
How did we get lucky enough to be wife's of Hunter's!
Congrats to Todd on his hunt's, I can imagine his giddiness, as I have witnessed the same thing with Brian. It is like a kid in a candy store. He got drawn for antalope, in "a really good area", and he texted everyone he knew at 1am to tell them all about it!
I do not have a clue where this passion comes from, but Brian would not be Brian without his hunting.
So I too suck it up and "try" not to complain when he leaves me over thanksgiving(last year) or 7 months pregnant to go to Africa for 2 weeks!
This is me not complaining at all.Ü
And he tries to complain when I take too much time on saturday's running and icing, etc. Wow, not even a close call on that one, but you keep on trying to compare those honey!
Long enough message? I'm done now.

Velma said...

My neighbor has one on the wall...ugh!!! And another friend loves to collect racks...I am not into hunting, and glad Ed doesn't do it anymore too! We go fishing instead, but not as much as when we were first married, lol! Good luck on the hunt Todd.

Lindsay Militello said...

My brother would be jealous. He hasn't been drawn in years. However, his wife is happy that he didn't get drawn this year because the hunt is the weekend she's supposed to have a baby. :)

I grew up on elk steak, and I have to say that I like it. I'm pretty sure it's an acquired taste, though. I tried to make some for Matt a few months ago from my uncle's stash, and he didn't care for it. I guess it's one of those things that you have to grow up eating to appreciate.

Good luck, Todd!

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