Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Survey--

Okay, so I bought some new artwork from this guy who comes into your home and sells LDS artwork at a discounted price. His name is Doug Corbett, and his brother is Ken Corbett, who is an LDS artist in Utah. You may have seen some of these pictures at Deseret Book or Decor Unique here in Mesa. It was kinda cool having him come into my home with the artwork and see how it would look in places that I wanted to put it before I bought it. If you're gonna spend a lot of money on a piece of art--it was nice to try before you buy. So I bought a few pieces of artwork that I think are beautiful-- This one is in my living room with my picture of the Mesa temple that I LOVE. I got that from the artist, Jean Whitney, who is friends with Todd's parents. She gave us an incredible deal on this piece before she started to sell them to the public. The picture I bought is of Christ, and the unclean woman who touches the hem of his garment. It shows him passing by with his disciples, and you can see her in the bottom corner of the picture. I like the look on his face as he feels her touch him, and he knows she is there. I can see how everyone is rushing past, but he stops--always concerned for the one. He is never too busy to help us when we need him, and he knows our needs.
This one is by Jean Whitney, and is my favorite picture of the Mesa Temple...Then I bought a piece that is for Joshua's room with Captain Moroni. He is riding his horse with the Title of Liberty, and rallying the people to his cause. This is one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. What a great example for any young man to follow. It shows the people as he is waving the Title of Liberty rending their garments and holding them up in support of the cause. It shows how determined they were to fight for the right, and stand up to what they believe in.
Finally, I bought this picture of Christ to go in the niche over my T.V., and this is the subject of my survey--I thought this picture was beautiful. I like the serious, yet concerned look on Christ's face, and I like the background because it looks really pretty with the green color on my wall, and in the space where I put it. But then, Todd comes home and he's like--that picture is terrible! He thinks the eyes are wierd, and keeps calling it cross-eyed Christ or that bug-eyed picture, or he even told my sister he had rat eyes. Which I think is a little bit sac religious, I mean, how can you not like a picture of our Saviour, geez Todd!? But now every time I look at that picture it's buggin' me that he doesn't like it, and we have to look at it every day. So I'm wondering what you think--should it be relegated to some obscure part of my house? Or do you like it like I do? Let me know in my Sunday Survey--on my sidebar..... c'mon, the more votes the better!!!


Kathy P said...

I can see how you would like the expression. This painting is a little more "Vatican" than I am used to. I prefer the more contemporary version -- like Greg Olsen does. I don't think his eyes are "buggy" but I think I prefer different eyes. Still, if you like it, then you should keep it where you want. After all, who stays in the house all day? Hubby can get his own painting for the office, right?

Kathy P said...

By the way, I LOVE the Captain Moroni painting. I am going to have to get that one. I love all the other pictures too!

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