Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Devils!!!

So it's officially football time!!! Our family waits all year for the season to begin--we are so excited! ASU played NAU for our home opener--and won 30-13! Go devils! Todd's Dad started out with just 6 seats in our section, and we used to just hope and pray he would call us to go to the game. Todd and I have been lucky, as we were really the only ones who stayed in town during our college years, so we got to go to plenty of games. Over the years, Bob tried to pick up more and more tickets as married couples were able to start buying their own tickets. They were hard to come by at first, but we would just buy one or two as they came available. Then our families started to grow, and those of us with tickets started to bring babies and toddlers to the games. This resulted in a few more tickets becoming available, as people didn't want to sit in a section with so many kids. In the last few years, we have been able to get 32 tickets in that section, and if we can only drive 10 or 12 more people out of the section--hopefully in a few years section 135 will be Allen's ONLY! We were out in full force last night--with all 32 seats, plus 6 or 7 extra kids and babies on laps! We were totally missing Grandma and Grandpa this year though! Don't worry guys, we made an extra big mess, and cheered extra loud for you! GOOOO DEVILS! This is our BIG group!
Jack didn't make it through his first game! Sleepy guy to sleep through all this noise!View from our section:Look how trashy we are! AWESOME!College football season is the most awesome time of year. Saturdays at our house are football all day and all night--and we LOVE it! The only problem is nothing will get done around the house for the next 3 months--not on a Saturday anyway--oh well, we all have to make sacrifices! So if it's Saturday--you know where to find us! If we aren't at the game, we're firmly planted in front of our TV, junk food in hand, glued to some college football game. LIFE IS GOOD!BTW, look who we saw in the section next to us!!! Can you tell--it's John Elway!!! Todd was trying to take this pic on the sly, and had our kids all lined up to take a picture but aimed over their heads to get this pic. Not the best, but isn't that cool?? He was one of my favorite quarterbacks growing up--but I bet on him twice in a row against my dad to win the Superbowl, and both times they got KILLED, so being the fair weather fan that I am, I moved on. I'm not sure if he'll sit there every game, (probably not, after we were all gawking at him and snapping photos--but c'mon, he's a legend) but his son Jack Elway is the up and coming quarterback for ASU, so we will probably see a lot of him this season! Awesome!


Kathy P said...

oh dear -- Tim is going to be so jealous! He doesn't have a "fun wife" to go to games with. You guys are awesome!

The Jarvis Family said...

Tami, I know I keep telling you this, but I just love your blog!! I look forward to it everyday and brag about it to James and share with him all thats going on with you guys. It is so fun to get a glimpse into your your family's life. Hope you had a great time at the lake today -- could you see we were green with envy when we saw you pulling out?! I told James, "Now there is a family that looks good with a boat...and they use it all the time!" I just love those things that we can do as a family and that builds those relationship bonds and creates memories. Your family does so well with that. I am in awe of all of you.

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