Monday, July 7, 2008

Small Town Holiday...

I grew up in a small town, the kind of place where you don't have to worry about locking the door at night. The kind of place where I would leave home in the morning to go and play, and sometimes not come home until dark, or until I was hungry for lunch or dinner. The truth is, I loved it. We were not wealthy, but I don't think I ever realized it until I was a teenager. Sometimes I still miss that small town feeling, especially on holidays like the 4th of July or Pioneer day. The city is just not the place to spend a holiday. Everything is overcrowded, the traffic is horrendous, and the weather--well, it's flippin HOT! That's why I love spending the holidays down in Thatcher, with my parents, or up at the cabin with Todd's family. There's nothing like a small town holiday parade! My kids had such a great time with their cousins.

This is what happens when a 3 yr. old is too bored in the back of the car. I gave the kids a box of Sixlets to share, then I hear Abby yell, "Ashlie has something stuck up her nose"! Sure enough--a red sixlet is halfway up her nose and she is pushing it further up trying to dig it out. We were able to pop it out, and then mom gave the "nothing goes in your nose or ears" lecture one more time!

Grandpa was ready for the parade!

All the boys with their shirts off waiting for the fire trucks to come. They were dancing in the streets!

Our 4th of July annual family photo--Isn't Josh's hair so cute! Thanks Aunt Karin--that faux-hawk stayed in even after being soaked a few times!

Someone was passing out these buttons--I thought this was funny! It certainly describes most of the people I know! (Even though I'm a city girl--I still have that small town attitude--ask anyone!)

The water play began with just a few water guns--Then it got a little CRAZY!

It started with the fire hoses getting everyone wet--(I dove into a car and took these pics from the window).

Then the water fight began which quickly got out of hand, as you can see!

There was no one who was safe--if you were dry, you had a big target on your back!

The Democrats might think that water-boarding is torture--but when you dump water on Uncle Kohn, you better run a little faster!

The girls were alot better sports about getting wet than I was I'll tell you that for sure!

Oh well, when you're soaked, you might as well smile, and have fun anyway! On the way home Ashlie told me--I don't like parades, they are TOO WET!

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Kathy P said...

How fun!! that is the way to enjoy the fourth! I love the pictures... The first one looks like a shot from a magazine -- very well coposed.

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