Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I LOVE my Church!...

Just look at it--it's a beautiful thing really. Pictures of people helping people do the WORST job ever, which is to move all of our JUNK from one house to another. And they did it for FREE. And they did it with smiles on their faces (most of the time--getting the treadmill out of the basement was a little tricky--but not as bad as the couch). They did it for a few measly doughnuts (which another neighbor brought, since I didn't quite get to the store that early in the morning). And someone even took pictures of it (since she reads my blog--and knew I would want to have pictures, thanks Tonya!).  Do you know what else?  We even had people over at the other house, assembling furniture and beds while others moved them in.  And my sweet friends Tonya and Marilyn also came & got my sheets at the beginning and WASHED them all for me, and MADE my beds that someone put together so we weren't up until midnight doing that. Who thinks of that? I may have had all 6 kids sleeping on a bean bag had it not been for those sweet helpers! If that weren't enough--our home teacher also did some drywall repair where we damaged the wall moving the treadmill and couch back up the stairs, and some other sweet friends brought us lunch, AND dinner.  I'm telling you--we were AMAZED at the effort on our behalf.  And all out of the goodness of people's hearts!

We had such a crowd show up for us that I can truly say, it's the best move we've ever made. Truly. And that is saying something, since we have moved A LOT! We are in our 10th house in 18 years--all within a 10 mile radius. That is a lot. Too much. I am so ready to be done moving--it's kind of like having a baby I decided. You look back on it after a few years, and think, "Well, it wasn't THAT bad, and we got a sweet new house out of it". Yeah, what a lie. Moving stinks. Even worse? The moving IN. We are still looking for random crap every day, crap, yes--but crap that we still need. As if life wasn't crazy enough--I don't have time to unpack boxes, and if you saw our garage you would think I belonged on an episode of hoarders! At least it wasn't as bad as the last move--that post is HERE. Oh my, that was a crappy couple of days! This one was a piece of cake compared to that one!
 We had a great spread of breakfast foods, thanks to Tonya and Rita!

 This is our new garage at the BEGINNING of the day.  Imagine 10X all that stuff, and that's what it looked like when we got done!  :)
 Service with a SMILE! :)
 Genius right? You can do this ONLY if you're moving down the street...the freeway would NOT be recommended!

 This is Todd helping remove the door to get the treadmill up those dang basement stairs.  OY.
 Trying to move Erin's dresser down the stairs--oh man that thing is HEAVY.  Turns out, sometimes they actually still use REAL WOOD to make furniture--I love it--but I'm sure they didn't.
 This was me (don't I look lovely)...I'm sure a funner day would have consisted of beating myself silly with that stick I'm holding--don't ask!

I was feeling a little melancholy as we packed up my house. We made some great memories there--and I loved that house, but we have also been through one of the worst trials of our lives this last year, and to tell you the truth, I was so grateful to be rid of that house, and not feel the burden of paying for it anymore, especially with the uncertainty of our legal battles. It makes me sad, but happy at the same time. If there is any one thing I have learned, it is that I am NOT in charge of my life, and I need to trust that God knows what he is doing--and you know what? It's going to be OKAY (more on that HERE). You know my new life motto, "It is what it is!" Erin even wrote that on our quote board this week, the kids have heard me say it enough in the last few weeks that it's sinking in. And it's true. It is what it is. We are where we are. And now it's up to us to make the best out of our situation, to be masters of our own destiny. I love that about life. We can start fresh, anytime. We always have a new day. Let's make the most of it, shall we?

I can say that tonight--because tomorrow, my day will consist of sitting my butt on the couch, in my PJ's, and watching LDS General Conference. Inspired leaders, teaching me how to live a better life, how to raise a better family. A prophet of God, (no, really, they still have those you know), teaching me what God would have us know NOW. For our generation, for our family. Inspired counsel. The Heavens are NOT shut. They are open, now more than ever, and if you listen with a willing heart, God will speak to you, and let you know that it's true. That's why I LOVE my church. If you want to know more, click on my button on my sidebar. is a FABULOUS site for people to learn about us crazy Mormons. You might be surprised that everything you see on TV, or read in Anti-Mormon literature isn't really that accurate. We are pretty normal people, actually. Just like you--only in my case, maybe a little CRAZIER. ♥

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