Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break 2011!...

I seriously can't get caught up right now..geez!  Volleyball gets over this week, which will help some, but I feel like I am always behind, and this blog is no exception.  It seems like every time I have a minute to sit down during the day, I get interrupted by a sweet 3 year old of mine, who has no playmate at home during the day.  So, here I am once again at 2 a.m., editing pictures, and trying to get caught up.  I love the time I have at night to be without interruption--I just long for time during the DAY when it's the same way.  Someday.  2 more years actually--can you believe it? 

Anyway, I wanted to post pictures of our fun little getaway we took for Fall Break.  I was itching to get away from the chaos that is our house!  Moving is so not fun.  I forget how much I HATE it--and how long it takes to get settled, and how hard it is to actually find a home for everything--and then to try to teach your kids where that home is.  Downsizing has been especially difficult--and I have a whole garage full of CRAP to prove it.  We have things we actually need in there--just no place for them.  Oh well--all in good time.

Our neighbors were going to Knotts Berry Farm over Fall Break, and their daughter made the mistake of mentioning it to me one day--so what did I do?  I invited myself, and my family along!  Actually, our neighbors, the Tippetts are the nicest people you will ever meet, and they were kind enough to let us tag along for a few days.  Tonya was my travel agent, and booked my rooms and everything!  Sweet deal!  We happened to run into another family that was at Knotts when we were too, the Skinners, who are in our stake, and have kids that go to our kids school--so it worked out GREAT!  We had such a great time on Monday!  There were so few people there that the longest line was probably 10 minutes!  What a fun day!  Here are a few pictures...The older kids got to go to the Haunt at Knotts--where they have haunted houses & mazes and stuff.  They were out until almost 2 a.m!  Todd was happy to "chaperone" them (since he can't get enough of the rides!)...
First things first--we had to try to BOOST my Ashlie up a few inches (4 to be exact), so I bought her some high boots & we bumped her hair up.  What a cutie!  It worked for some rides--but they were strict on others & pressed her hair flat--DARN!  Oh well, we tried!

 Had a FABULOUS fried chicken dinner at the park, and they gave us this WHOLE boysenberry pie to take back to our room.  I waited until the kids were asleep--then I pretty much devoured the rest of that thing.  Oh my, and I wonder how I look so fat in these photos.  Oh well, you only live once right?  :)
Tuesday morning we headed down to San Diego and went to this neat place by the ocean where they have cute little shops and a Navy ship that you can tour.  The USS Midway was built during WWII, and was just retired about 10 years ago.  It served for almost 50 years!  This was one of the largest aircraft carriers ever built, and on a normal day, over 100 planes would take off or land on this ship during wartime.  AMAZING!  They even had WWII vets that were working on the ship explaining how everything worked.  I was fascinated (more than I thought I would be--HA!)  Little Ashlie was so cute--she answered questions in a pamphlet (over 20) to earn her "pilot wings", and she was so proud!  It was so much fun!  We went from there to Old Town San Diego to have some authentic Mexican food at an old Mexican restaurant there.  It was YUMMY!  What a fun day!


Finally, what trip to San Diego could be complete without a trip to the BEACH?  Our kids made sure that was in our plans on Wednesday morning, and boy was it a fabulous day to hit the beach, with temperatures in the high 80's!  We went to Mission Beach, since it was only a mile from our hotel, and it was a beautiful beach.  Josh didn't waste any time, and jumped in the water to start body surfing.  Ashlie & Jack built sand castles.  Erin suntanned.  Abby and her friend Marley shopped and played volleyball with Emie and her friend Taylor.  Todd and I just relaxed!  Funniest thing?  There was a camera crew and reporter on the beach from a local news channel who came over to interview our group.  You can see from the picture who stole the show!  Jack, of course.  Who can resist that sweet face?  Too bad we didn't make the cut & they put some boring family from Utah on the news that night.  What???  Oh well!

Our vacation was just what I needed--just a quick, fun getaway where I could breathe deeply, and clear my head and take a little rest from the chaos that is my life!  Thanks so much to the Tippetts for letting us tag along with all of our crew.  We love you guys!

P.S.  We had someone in our house turn 16 this week!  AAAAAAAGH!  More on that later...I am planning what will be hopefully a super fun party for her this week--we'll see how it turns out!  Pics to come!

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