Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy Hair???...

Last week was Crazy Hair Day at the girls' elementary school. We decided to go for the afro look and put Abby and Ashlie's hair in tight small foam rollers the night before. When we took them out and poufed out their hair the kids were cracking up laughing. Me? Not so much. Do they really look THAT hilarious?
What the girls didn't understand was, when I was taking those rollers out, I was having flashbacks of my former life--that is, life before my flat iron!  Oh man, did I have BIG hair.  Sometimes it wouldn't even fit in the picture.  My friends may have tried--but they couldn't get their hair as BIG as mine! Maybe this will give you an idea:
 P.S. Can we go back to turtlenecks & cardigans--PLEASE??  Such a fashion statement! 
And the big, thick silver chain?  Wow.
How high could you Aqua Net your bangs??
 Highlighting the BIG hair with a big GLOW! 
And look at the one below--I was the Girl's Dance royalty--
but my hair is so big you can't even see the crown!

Yeah, I meant BIG!  On a good note, I never realized how much my Abby looks like me, until now:

Ha!  Poor thing!  Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my flat iron?  Well, now I have!  Oh, and how about those bushy Brooke Shields eyebrows?  Unibrow much?  Man, I'm so lucky to have landed a husband!  (And quite a handsome one too...must have been my killer personality--there's a post on that HERE).  Happy Monday!

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