Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Utah Part 4...Toads & Going Home... :(

On Saturday, we headed back down to Provo to pick up the girls from EFY.  I just love when we pick them up & they are like different children!  I'm like, "Who are these NICE girls??"  Surely these can't be the ornery teenagers that we dropped off 5 days ago?  EFY whips them into shape, and gives them such a spiritual high, and I LOVE it!  I have been adamant about the girls going, because my friends got to go growing up, and I never was able to go, but always was so jealous of those who went.  They would always have so many stories to tell when they got home, and it was always such a neat experience.  I feel like in their teenage years they need these spiritual experiences, and EFY Provo has such an amazing spirit.  Teens these days need all the help they can get--it's a wicked, wicked world these kids face each and every day.  Satan comes at them with everything in his arsenal these days.  I can't believe some of the things that these girls have to face each day.  I am so grateful that there is a place where they can go where they can feel the spirit so strongly, and feel the love that Heavenly Father has for them.  It has been such a huge boost to their testimonies, and I feel like it was worth EVERY penny.
We headed right over to the Brick Oven, and were actually the first ones there at 11 a.m.!  We had the whole place to ourselves! 

We had an amazing pizza, then headed back over to Brigham City for our annual Toads Laser Tag game with Wendy's family!  This year, I didn't get to play, since Jack kinda FREAKED out when we got into the room with all the black lights & people's teeth and eyes were glowing.  I wish I could take a picture of how my face looks under a black light--it is truly SCARY!  All of my freckles, and melasma (mask from my pregnancies) glow in the black light, and I look like such a freak!  Jack took one look at everyone and flipped out crying and screaming, "This is SCARY".  That was the end of Laser Tag for me--but Causey's better watch out for next year--I'll be back!  We always have such a great time with Wendy's family.  Her kids are a lot like mine, and they all get along so well.  My kids miss their cousins!  It was so great to have a fun night with them.  After Laser tag, we played Miniature Golf, which was pretty informal for my family, but Wendy's family was keeping score and everything--and not even cheating! Wow!  I pretty much stunk it up--but had fun taking some fun pictures!  Thanks Wendy for having us--even when you were in pain from your surgery!  We sure love you and your family--and we miss you so much!  Wish you were closer!

We started back home early on Sunday morning, and had called Katie & Shaun to see when they had left.  They had left at the same time, but were about an hour ahead of us on the road, since they left from Provo, and we were north of Salt Lake.  When we got past Salt Lake, we got a call from them, and their Suburban had broken down just outside of Nephi, Utah.  Funny, because their Suburban is fairly new, and I was just praying the whole time that our OLD crappy Suburban (with 100,000 miles) would make the trip!  We reached them about 45 minutes later, and piled all 12 kids into our Suburban, (good thing they love each other!) while Katie & Shaun rode with the tow truck.  We drove back to Provo so they could have some work done on their car the next morning, since NOTHING in Utah is open on Sunday.  Seriously, it was like a ghost town there...which is great, unless you're stranded there and don't have a kitchen to cook in! Maybe we should have just dropped by some random person's house for Sunday dinner, eh? "Hi, we are stranded here today, and since you don't have anything open, we, (and our 12 kids), would really love some dinner!"  What God fearing LDS family would have turned us away?  Really. We managed to drive around and find a couple of restaurants who bucked the system and opened on Sunday.  It was also amazing to see how UN-crowded they were!  Aren't there non-members in Provo?  We felt so scandalous walking into a restaurant there on Sunday--what rebels!  Gasp!  Anyway, it gave us a chance to spend one more night in beautiful Utah, and take a sunday walk with the kids, and talk about EFY and the great time they had.  The next morning when the car was fixed, we started our trip once again, and made it to Richfield just in time to stop at Ideal Dairy for lunch, and COOKIES (raisin filled sugar cookies & pumpkin chocolate chip are our favorites), and Punch Bags (like otter pops, except they are in a round bag, like the cub scouts are drinking in the picture below, haha!), and we loaded up and headed for home.  Katie was a genius and rented Red Box movies for the trip--I had never thought of doing that?  Hello?  Duh.  It was a nice trip, and even rained a little on us on the way home making for a cool day, even in AZ.  It was actually nice to be home after 10 days, and sleep in my own bed.  Aaaaahhhh!  Lately, though, it has been hard to come off vacation, where you don't have to think about the stress and problems, back home, where they are just waiting for you patiently.  I wish I were on a permanant vacation from those problems.  Sigh.  Oh, well.

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