Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jack's First Day of School!...

It's official!  I now have ALL my kids in school!  Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays anyway, from 9-12!  What the heck am I going to do with myself for 6 hours every week?!?  Some might say I should volunteer in the other kids classrooms, or work on housework or laundry, but I am thinking I just might take some time for ME!  Selfish much?  Uh huh!  Tell me when in the last 15 years of child rearing have I ever gotten 6 hours a week for ME?  I am just a little excited, can you tell?  HA!  Actually, I am looking forward to getting to the temple every week, and taking some time to actually feel some peace & quiet in my life on a regular basis.  I really need it right now.  Peace has been hard to come by with all of the trials in our life at the moment, and Quiet?  Are you kidding me?  I have 6 kids--there is no such thing!  Sad thing is--when I do finally get to the temple, all that peace and quiet is sometimes too much to handle, and I totally zonk out!  ZZZzzzzzzz.  Oh well, at least I'm there right?  I'll keep telling myself that!
Jack was so cute when I was taking his picture--he just wanted to GO!  He was very concerned that I take a picture of his awesome Spiderman backpack, though.  Very cool.  Here is a story from his first day at preschool that his teacher, Dawn Spier (who I LOVE) put on Facebook yesterday:
"Here's a funny: I was reading "No David" to my 3 yr old class...and if you haven't seen this book, the kids laugh so, I was on the page that shows David with his finger up his nose, and his mom says, "no David," and most of the kids said, ewe, or yuck...but one of my 3 yr old cuties, said: "I do that all the time, and then I eat them!" Oh my goodness, you had to be there! I LOL!!!"
Oh wow.  How I hope that wasn't my son!  Sounds like him though--I catch him on a regular basis digging for GOLD, and then tasting his find. BLAH!  Sad thing is, I don't scold him much.  By the 6th kid, you know it won't kill them, and it's just a phase.  In Kindergarten, if you're still eating your boogers--other kids will let you know, in no so polite ways--that that is GROSS!  You learn a lot that way in Kindergarten!  :)  Love you Jack!  So proud of you, my BIG BOY! 
P.S.  You might remember this post HERE from the first week of school LAST YEAR, when I was trying to potty train my boy.  Well--that didn't last long...  He wasn't ready (surprise).  But I am proud to say, as of this week--he is finally starting to catch on, just a YEAR later--and I will finally be DONE changing diapers once and for all!  Can I get a HOORAY!  :)

 This is him giving me his KILLER wink that he gives all the cute girls he flirts with!  Love that my 3 year old still thinks I'm the coolest mom ever, and that I am WINK WORTHY!  He'll figure out sooner or later what a mess I am, but for now--I ROCK!  And so does he!  :)

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