Monday, August 15, 2011

24th of July in the Gila Valley!...

This year, we decided to spend the 24th of July with my parents in Thatcher.  Todd stayed at home to work, but the kids and I had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  My dad (a former driver's education teacher), was able to take Emie out a few times and do some driving.  She learned several things--including how to come to a complete STOP, which my Dad thought I had neglected to teach her.  Ummm...I guess I teach more by example than I thought I did.  HA!  When I remember going driving with my dad, I remember two things:  1.  The driver's ed car had a brake on his side, that he could slam on at will.  I remember him slamming on the brakes more than once, when I thought I was doing just fine.  Now, I realize how many times I would do the same thing while driving with a teenager!  In fact, we all make fun of Todd when he drives with Emie--(or even with ME), because he slams on an imaginary brake when he thinks she should be going slower or stopping.  Instinct, I guess!  2.  I remember a lot of times that my dad would try to teach me something, and I would roll my eyes and totally ignore him because I thought he was just trying to nit pick things I was doing wrong.  Now, I realize that you really need to listen to the person who has been driving for um...30 years!  They really do know more than you do!  My poor Dad!  Anyway, what I don't remember is this nicer, gentler, kinder man that my children call Grandpa!  I am always telling them, "You don't know the same guy I knew growing up!  He was MEAN!"  Now he is just a nice old man, trying to get into heaven!  Bless his heart--he has changed a lot!  Love this guy!

This year, the 24th of July Pioneer Day festivities were in Thatcher, so we just had to go down the street for all the fun!  We had a great time at the parade, and then went over to the football stadium at EAC for the festivities.  Had a great BBQ rib dinner, and concert, then watched the fireworks.  We passed the time waiting for the fireworks by taking self portraits--aren't we all adorable!  I hate how I can't take a self portrait without the double chin effect--I tried, but it wasn't happenin'.  Oh well.  I'll blame it on my camera angle, and not the 20+ pounds I have put on over the summer!  HA!  Maybe that HUGE bag of kettle corn has something to do with that!  That bag was as tall as Jack!  :)  We had a great time in my old stomping grounds, and even saw some old friends!  Love this place--it will always feel like home to me!

 Back at Grandma and Grandpas we had a great time!  The kids got out the umbrella and enjoyed playing in a rainstorm.  It always makes me laugh at how much Arizona natives enjoy themselves in a rainstorm!  The kids get giddy when you hand them an umbrella--like they have never seen one before!  They were out there singing and dancing having a great time!  Because of the rain, there were plenty of frogs in the yard enjoying the wet weather.  The kids caught a few and terrorized them a bit while we were out in Grandpa's hot tub.  I'm sure the frogs didn't enjoy my children as much as the children enjoyed them!  Emie was cracking me up--she had no fear whatsoever, and even being 15 1/2 jumped right in and caught them for people to hold them.  You go girl!  I haven't raised a sissy girl!  HA!  You can see, Erin is a little squeamish--I wish I had video of her screaming when Emie threw one at her.  Hilarious! 

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Metzger for such a GREAT time!  It was a fabulous way to spend the 24th, and a great way to round out the summer with a vacation!  YAY!

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Velma said...

Does look like you all had a blast you did have a blast with your family back at Thatcher...will have to go visit my sis sometime in Ariz again! Wish I could go there during Easter and see the desert bloom. Nice blog as usual. Love, Velma

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