Friday, April 22, 2011

My GOLDEN Scholar!

We went to Emie's Golden Scholar Academic Night awhile ago--which was actually a pretty LAME event that was held in the morning at the high school.  Very few parents were in attendance (probably because it was at 9 a.m.), the kids weren't even dressed up or anything, and it was just generally a very LAME ceremony for some INCREDIBLE kids!  Are you listening HHS?  Make it better for these kids next year will ya? 
Anyway, to earn the Golden Scholar award, you have to earn a 3.8 GPA or above for the first 3 quarters of the school year.  I think it's amazing that they had over 100 kids in our high school that have those credentials!  As for MY Golden Scholar--Can I just brag on this girl a bit?  Not that you haven't heard me brag on her--but what she has managed to do this year is just AWESOME to me!  Emie is pulling a 4.4 GPA--with 3 honors classes, Honors Math, Honors Lab Biology, and Honors English, she played on both the volleyball, and softball teams at the school, plus, played on a Club volleyball team, and juggled practices and tournaments.  Sometimes this girl would be up until 1 or 2 in the morning getting her assignments just perfect, or studying so that she could keep her grades up.  I am so impressed that as a Freshman, she has that level of determination, and dedication to keep up her grades, plus be involved in so many activities!  That's the thing about Emie though, she knows who she is--she knows where she's going--and she doesn't let anyone stand in her way!  Can I just say too, how many of her good friends were there at that ceremony being recognized?  She has GREAT friends to help her and support her, and as a parent--(especially going into these dating/driving years) I couldn't ask for anything more than that!  Em--your Dad and I are so proud of you, and we love you!  Keep it up girl--with God nothing is impossible!

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Kathy P said...

Alright. I love that girl. Now, can you get her to brainwash my 16 year old? Seriously, the kid signed up for all honors classes and won't turn in a single assignment. Not one. Barely scraping by this year. Honestly, how do you instill that level of commitment in her so young?? Way to go Emmy!

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