Sunday, November 14, 2010

StRipLinG WaRRiOrS SoCcER 2010!

This year was such a fun soccer season!  Kohn asked us all to sign our boys up for his team so that we could have all the cousins that age play together.  Josh, and his cousin Kam were in the age group below this one, so we gave permission for them to play up into the next division so they could play with their cousins in the 10U league.  It was fun to watch them play with boys who, in some cases, were twice their size!  They were able to hold their own though, and with their quickness, I think they surprised a few people!  We had 7 cousins on the team, and Uncle Kohn & Uncle Dave for coaches!  Plus, Uncle Todd, Uncle Chris, Uncle Greg, Uncle Shaun, and Grandpa on the sidelines to help coach!  The boys had a great season, and never lost a game!  We were also lucky to have all Mormon team members--so the boys called the team the "Stripling Warriors."  They sure were TOUGH--just like a Stripling Warrior would have been!  Great Job Boys!  We love you!

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