Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Baby is TWO--(it's official now!)

Sunday was Jack's second birthday--Sunday birthdays are pretty uneventful! We made waffles for breakfast after church, which he slept through, (it's all he can do to make it through nursery). Then for dinner we were invited to go eat at David and Jessica's so he had some cousins to have cake & ice cream with. It was lots of fun! He got a little bike for his birthday, since he won't stay off of Ashlie's bike--but wouldn't you know it, he is about 2 inches from reaching the pedals--ugh! These darn boys of mine are too SMALL! Check out the cake we found at Walmart at 11:00 on Saturday night! It was too perfect! I was afraid that our lack of planning would leave us with a crappy cake--until I saw this beauty! Loved it!

Things we LOVE about Jack Jack right now:
1. He LOVES to talk--ALL THE TIME! He is a boy after my own heart! He loves the sound of his own voice!
2. He has the best laugh--I love to listen to him giggle.
3. He has the best mean look--it cracks me up every time when he glares at me when he's mad. It's hard to take him seriously--until he starts screaming at the top of his lungs!
4. He is a CLIMBER! This is good and bad--GOOD when he can climb out of his bed in the morning or after his naps--BAD when he can climb out of his bed in the middle of the night or when he doesn't want to take a nap!
5. Jack LOVES his sisters! They are all smitten by him, and he is SO stinkin spoiled around this house. He has them wrapped around his little finger!
6. Jack is a Daddy's boy (well, as close as any of my kids have gotten anyway). He LOVES his dad, and they have a special bond since Todd has gotten to spend much more time with this last baby than he did with the first few!
7. He LOVES to RUN! It's hard to slow these boys down--even for a minute!
8. He is CLEAN--he still loves to take 2 or even 3 showers a day. If ANYONE in this house is in the shower, Jack will strip off his clothes and jump in with them--whether they want him or not!
9. Jack is loving watching movies in the car now--which makes all of the errands with a two year old almost bearable. Too bad we don't have movies playing in shopping carts or strollers or well, just about everywhere!
10. He is the BEST TERRIBLE TWO YEAR OLD we know! We love you Jack Jack--Happy Birthday Buddy!


Huston Family said...

That's the cutest terrible two year old I ever saw!

Abby said...

i love him so much!!!!!!

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