Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh SUGAR--how do I LOVE thee???

We are slowly getting settled into our new house--but since it's half the size of our old house, I am having a hard time getting everything into its place.  Most of it is still settled in our garage, where I need to make a home for my CAR!  I was feeling antsy this week--like I should be all moved in by now, and things should be organized, but seriously?  It's not like we have a deadline to be moved IN by.  So I decided to try harder to close my eyes, ignore the mess, and have a little FUN over fall break next week instead of worrying about it!  YAY!  Now, in honor of Halloween, and following that, the holiday season, I resurrected this old post I wrote back in 2009--and can I just say that I am struggling with the same weight issues now that I was then? (SURPRISE!) Back up to my yucky weight, and enjoying every minute of it until I finally buckle down and try to get back to a normal diet.  In times of STRESS especially, though--I have a hard time staying away from this stuff:

Oh SUGAR--How do I LOVE thee???
Let me count the ways...
1. OREO--need I say more? I've eaten these little bites of joy since I was a baby--and they will never get old!
2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard--my favorite! It has to have just the right amount of chocolate sauce too.
3. Lucky Charms--Can this stuff really be healthy? I mean it has to be at least 90% sugar!!! Want to know the sickest thing? Sometimes I eat all the other stuff, and save the marshmallows to eat am sick!
4. KRISPY CREME--A little bite of Heaven! I could seriously down a whole dozen plain glazed without batting an eyelash. Hmmm...that sounds delicious!
5. Brownies--just the cheap dollar boxed mix, and I have to have the corners--all of them!
6. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies--I have the BEST recipe which we have finally perfected. Take them out right before they look done and they are moist and chewy and melt in my mouth! The secret ingredient? A little coconut! Who knew?
7. Even better then brownies? Brownie Sundae!--Outback has the best one--Chocolate Thunder from Down Under...I'm salivating just thinking of it!
8. Applebee's Blondie--oh my gosh this is good--they pour this stuff over the top of it that is like the glaze that you put on a cinnamon roll...YUM!
9. Speaking of Cinnamon rolls--CINNABON! Everytime I'm in the airport I get one--I even bought a dozen once when I was taking someone to the airport and it cost me like $40! That's complete insanity!
10. The only thing better than Cinnabon? WETZEL'S PRETZELS--Sinful Cinnamon pretzel! They drench it in butter and dip it in cinnamon and WOW! This is just tradition when we go to the mall. Messy, but delicious!
11. Froot Loops--I know I am supposed to be eating grown up cereal now, but c'mon--I love those things!
12. Cinnamon Bears--any type, they are sticky and gooey, and probably have caused SO many of my cavities--but I love 'em!
13. Snickers Almond--These used to be called Mars Bars remember??? Did you know they are back?? The best time to get them is Halloween time when they come in the miniatures. I can eat the whole package.
14. Speaking of Halloween candy--Reese's Sticks. Same as above...
15. Pumpkin Pie--My mother in law makes the BEST pumpkin pie--hands down. BUT since she is not here this year--Costco will have to do, and theirs is HUGE and yummy too.
16. The only thing better than pumpkin pie?? Pumpkin BARS! My sister in law Katie makes some mean pumpkin bars--has she made us any this fall?? NO--I mean what does a person have to do to get some yummy pumpkin bars around here?? Beg??
17. Peanut Butter Fudge--One of my favorite Christmas treats...yum.
18. Candy Corn-- Need I say more? This season, I even found Candy Corn flavored POPCORN!
19. Bubble gum--There's just something about a big huge wad of bubble gum and blowing bubbles that makes me feel so young. Love feeling young...don't feel young as much as I used to!
20. Sweet Cakes--if you haven't been to Sweet Cakes Cafe on Main Street in Mesa you are missing out! We have tried probably every one of their cookies and they are ALL yummy, and HUGE! Sorry--but they beat Paradise Bakery cookies hands down.
21. Crackers--Blackberry Cobbler. Probably one of the best desserts EVER!
22. Tootsie Rolls--classic.
23. Rocky Road ice cream--The only kind that's good is the kind with the actual marshmallows--not the marshmallow swirl, yuck. I don't know how they make the marshmallows so they don't get hard--have you ever tried adding regular marshmallows to chocolate ice cream? Don't--it will break your teeth.
24. Coke Zero--I know there's no sugar in it--it's fake sugar, but MAN is this a great treat! Most days this is the best part of my day when I crack open one of these babies! Even better? Cherry Coke Zero! YUM!
25. Are you thinking how sick I am yet? Holy crap--there's MORE! Schwan's Chocolate Fudge Push Em's. I had a poor Schwan's man coming by my house for a few years just so I could score these suckers. We would eat all 36 of 'em in the box in one day! He hasn't come to the new house--but the kids saw a Schwan's truck in Heber last week and were like--hey, let's go get some Push-Em's!
26. Sue's Chocolate Sheet Cake--with german chocolate frosting. It has a hint of cinnamon--and it is to DIE for! Todd won't let me make this cake--it has to be made by him or his mom to be good. That's okay with me...
27. My mom makes the best Christmas treat--click here to find out how to make it:  German Stollen. I don't know why they call it that--because most recipes of german stollen on the internet are like this crappy looking fruit cake stuff--but this is a recipe we grew up making for breakfast on christmas day and it's these beautiful cinnamon roll type dough rolled into a circle with layers and twisted to look really pretty like a wreath. Hard to explain--but they are AWESOME!
28. Hot Tamales--sweet and spicy and YUMMY!
29. M&M's--thanks to my dad for this addiction--he always has an endless supply when we go to his house! My favorite? Peanut--or Peanut Butter!
30. Nutter Butter--I couldn't eat these for the longest time because I ate like 1/2 a package once at a track meet in High School, then I went to run my race--and hucked them all up at the finish line. But now, I have a new love and appreciation for these things...Nutter Butters are BACK!
31. (This one is a NEW one!)  QT Chocolate Long John donuts!  YUM!
32. (One more...since I had one yesterday...)  At Steve's Krazy Sub in Mesa (Power & Main), they have Krazy Kookies, and THRIFTY Ice Cream!!!  For a couple of bucks you get a Kookie sandwich, with a scoop of Thrifty ice cream in the middle!  HEAVEN!!!  We always go get Thrifty chocolate malted crunch ice cream when we are at the beach in the summertime, but for some reason, it's not readily available at stores here in AZ.  When I found out Krazy Sub was carrying it I was THRILLED!  (P.S. Their subs are the BEST in AZ!)

Okay--so has it become clear why I struggle with my weight?  People say, "just give up the sugar..." Yeah, like it's that easy? Maybe for some people--but NOT for me as you can see! I LOVE my sugar--and maybe my dad is right--eat what you want, and die HAPPY! (That man has eaten Oreo's at least 3 times a day, every day, for the last 60 years & he's still kickin!) Now if you don't get up and immediately get something SWEET to eat after reading this...there might be something wrong with you! Man...I am hungry! What's your favorite treat? Am I missing something here?? Let me know--I hate to miss out on a good TREAT!


Kathy P said...

Ahhh, a woman after my own heart!!! Except for the marathon part -- I wouldn't even try that... but I would sit on the sidelines eating any one of these things you mentiioned!!! I have such a sweet tooth it is pathetic...

Here is one of my favorites -- none other than a Cold Stone Creamery MALT!!!

Tim brough this mix to me when I was in the hospital after just delivering Jacob -- I have hardly gotten anything else since...

Cheese cake base, Blueberries, heath bar and malt --- YUMMMMMMY! Sounded so disgusting to me, but boy was I wrong!!!

Now, if you will pardon me, I am going to raid the halloween candy stash...

Mommy Wendy said...
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Mommy Wendy said...

Owen has always wondered what the heck was wrong with me... I showed him your post and now he has a full understanding of where I come from and my Metzger back ground... Thanks for clearing that up for me... I loved this one you are so funny...(BUT IT'S SO TRUE)

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