Monday, June 15, 2009

HOORAY for the BEACH!!!

After a crazy two weeks of moving, and trying to find things in boxes while we remodel the house, we were beginning to go a little bit crazy. I found that Todd and I were snapping at each other a little too much--and the kids were complaining a LOT too much, and generally we just needed a little break from being in that new house while it got finished! Oceanside is a welcome break! This is one of our favorite little places in the whole world! We have been coming here for our whole marriage--(Emie took her first steps here almost 14 years ago!). Oceanside brings us comfort, familiarity, and peace! We love the beach, and the cooler weather, and the ocean. We love the little resort we stay at, even though it's old and small--it is literally steps away from the beach! This year we decided to stay two weeks--since things are so hectic at home. We always feel like just when we get settled it's time to pack up and go home. The first week we have 3 of Todd's siblings and their families--and a couple of extra nieces that came along--between us we have 22 children! Yep, tons of cousins equals tons of FUN! The second week will just be our family--so we'll see how that goes...I am hoping the kids will be forced into having fun with each other, but it may just be a week of fighting...stay tuned! It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful change of pace! I love the BEACH!

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Kathy P said...

Sounds perfect... you will have to send me the name of the place so we can check it out. we have been looking for somewhere like that.

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