Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I meant to post this yesterday--but didn't have much time, since it was Father's Day, and that means I get to have the kids all to myself and Todd got to relax--well, most of the day! I just wanted to post about the wonderful men in my life, and how truly grateful I am for them and the way they treat me. First, my DAD! My father and I have not always seen eye to eye on everything. I was quite the stubborn, opinionated, unreasonable teenager, (no, I haven't really changed much), and my Dad probably wanted to throw me out the door on my ear quite a few times! Even though he was a junior high school teacher for many years, he probably didn't know a teenager could be quite so rotten as his own daughter! Looking back, I feel terrible about the way I treated him sometimes, and the way I was unappreciative of the sacrifices he made for our family. I am so grateful for his always setting a good example, always going to church, always trying to do what was right. He was the only member of the church in his family, joining in college, but he never wavered in his determination that we go to church, and live our lives so that people would know that we stood for something. I am so grateful for that. Now that I am grown, I feel like I finally have the relationship with my Dad that I've always wanted. I love you Dad, I hope you know that! I am so grateful for your love, and your example in my life! You're the best Dad anyone could ask for!Second, my Father in Law, Bob. I have always admired him for many reasons, but first and foremost, I admire the love that he has for his children and his family. You can tell if you spend any amount of time with him that his first love, and his first priority is his family. He truly loves to spend time with them, and is interested in each of our lives, and each of our children's lives. He has always made an effort to show that love, to each and every person, and in our family, that is very difficult. You would think that in a family of 9 children, and 35 grandchildren, that someone would feel lost or left out. But this isn't the case with Bob and Sue. They make sure that each person feels important, each person feels loved. I have always felt like I have had two sets of amazing parents, Bob has always treated me as such and for that I feel grateful! We miss you so much, but again, feel so blessed to have the blessings that have come to us as a family since you've been on your mission. You are awesome! I love you!Lastly, my amazing husband, Todd. How can I express the love that I have for this amazing man? Like his father, his first priority has always been his family. He has always been so loyal, and so dedicated to making sure that we were happy, and well taken care of. I tease him now, saying I have never been so spoiled! He has truly given me a life that I could have never imagined! He is never selfish, and always puts my needs or the kid's needs ahead of his own. He has always been a worthy priesthood holder, which I am so grateful for. I want him to know how much I appreciate him, and the sacrifices he has made in order to provide for our family. I am so grateful that you love our children, and you love me, and most of all that you love our Savior, and it shows in all that you do. You are truly amazing, and I appreciate you so much! What a blessing, to have all of these wonderful men in my life! Happy Father's Day--a day late--but when you know me, as you all do WAY too well, you wouldn't expect anything less! I love you!

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