Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break 2009!

We heard all of the news about violence south of the border, and almost decided not to go to Mexico this year, but then at the last minute the family across the street from us, and another family in our ward asked us if we were going. They wanted to go, so I called up my sister and said, what the heck, let's go too! Our family went with the Green family and the Brown family (really, that's their names) and my sister Kimbie's family to Mexico and had such a great time! I hope they keep warning the college students and others NOT to go down to Rocky Point, because this week was SO great! It was awesome to go into town and not have drunk, bikini clad college students with all of their loud music and foam parties! I know, I sound like such an old fart, but we love to be able to have our kids not have to see all of the craziness that is college life--not yet anyway! Crossing the border was great--with hardly any lines, even coming home! The resort was awesome, as usual, and not as crowded, which was really nice.
Sunday, we went to church, and missed the 9 a.m. gringo session (where they translate), because we thought it was at 10, so we went to the 1:00 spanish session instead. I realized how many words in Spanish that I DON'T know! Man is that boring to sit through, especially for my kids since they have trouble sitting through an English sacrament meeting! That was some kind of slow torture. I really need to take a spanish class sometime! (I'll put that on my list of things to do once the children are all gone). It is wonderful to know that the church is the same everywhere though, and great that the Rocky Point branch has grown from one meeting to two since we started going down there 5 years ago. They have some great people running the branch down there, and it is wonderful to see the gospel growing!
The kids had a great time swimming in the ocean and pools--except for Journey, and Erin, who got stung in the ocean by stingrays. Journey was first, and her Dad took her to the doctor who works for the resort. He gave her 4 shots, 3 in the hiney, and one in her foot to numb it. UGH--I hate shots! Little did they know when it was all said and done--the bill was $400! Holy crap--we thought doctors were cheaper in Mexico! Two days later, when Erin got stung, Todd, who is not as nice as my sister's husband, sat with Erin for an hour or so while she toughed out the pain with her foot in a bath full of ice water! We gave her some Mexican antibiotics and voila--she's okay now. Thank goodness it wasn't as serious of a sting. She kept telling us the rest of the trip that we owed her things since we didn't take her to the doctor--"I saved you $400, now buy me a pina colada!" Sad to say, we usually did! Guilt is a beautiful thing for a child to use against you! Next time we go, maybe the kids will use those ugly, hideous, disgusting water socks that I buy them every year and they NEVER wear! Then again, probably not!
We took some family pictures down at the beach--(Thanks Kimbie!) for my blog book that is going to be finished soon. I have my friend Tawni, (Todd's cousin's wife) making me a book of my blog and pictures for last year. They are so awesome! If you want one--check out her website at:
I can't wait until it's finished! She does such a great job! The pictures turned out really cute, even though we took them a little too early in the day--I couldn't keep my family dressed up forever on Sunday! Check them out!

I wrote a little message for my hubby in the sand--and thought it was cute until Josh comes over and says, "Why does it only say Todd mom? Don't you love us too?" Ugh, man my heart broke! He proceeded to write his name before mine, and all of the other kids names after Todd's with little hearts between all of them. "There, now it's fixed mom!" It was so flippin' cute! Love that boy! Todd made a little volcano for the kids to crawl through--that was the bomb!

The kids had a great time with their cousins, and also with our friends. They swam, ate, and even found time for some bingo. This was Cole and Scout sitting at the table with all the old people playing bingo. Too funny!Lastly, check out Joshua who lost not one, but TWO front teeth in Mexico! How cute is my toothless little guy! The best thing about the toothless stage is that little lisp! Love it!Adios Amigos! Until next year!


Kathy P said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! Very brave!

Love the shots on the beach!

Velma said... guys had fun! Yeah, Melanie, and Robert; Ed's brother got stung by stingray in California one vacation, and they had to soak their foot in really hot, hot water at the lifeguard station...they were so miserable!! Glad that you didn't have to worry about weirdo's of Spring Break...or other bad stuff.

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