Sunday, January 18, 2009

Am I Dreaming???

Has Heck frozen over (this blog is G-rated, my kids read it!), or did the Cardinals just win ANOTHER playoff game putting them in the SUPERBOWL????? HOly CoW~! I gave up on the Cardinals long ago...and pretty much stopped watching the NFL altogether, we enjoy college football more, and it's great that the games aren't on Sunday. But this year, I have to admit turning the TV on for more than a few Cardinals games. I LOVE that Kurt Warner is playing--what an athlete, to do what he is able to do at his age. I could never stand to watch Matt Leinhart--he's such a punk from USC--and I can't stand USC--so cocky and overrated. Okay, so count us IN for the Cardinals--we're jumping on the bandwagon! GO CaRdiNalS!

Oh, and speaking of DREAMING--is Barack Obama really going to take office in a few days--or will I wake up and find out it was just a HoRRiBle nightmare??? Yikes--I don't know if I can even stand to watch the media droolfest, that has already begun with his trainride to the White House, and no doubt will continue throughout his honeymoon period in office. And no, I'm not a racist--It's his EXTREME liberal views that I don't like--I can't believe that someone so far to the left is taking office. I know some of you were all for the CHaNgE platform that he ran on--so we'll see. He'll have to prove himself to be the leader that everyone makes him out to be. He's certainly got his WORK cut out for him! Good luck with that!

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Real Mom, Real Life said...

Yay Cards!!! I am not a big sports fan but I can't help loving it when a home team does well.

And, hate to break it to you, but Obama is on his way to our Commander in Chief... Never been such a good time to pray for the president!

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