Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, so my sis in law wanted me to let you know how I am voting on the propositions. After reading several arguments for and against each one--this is how I'm voting. I'm not telling you how to vote--that's a personal thing, this is just my own personal opinions...take it or leave it.

Prop. 100--I'm voting YES--I'm always in favor of less taxes...period.

Prop. 101--I'm voting YES--This one is interesting. You can read a great article about it HERE. If we do get Obama, and he tries to institute universal health care, it would be great to have some protection written into the Arizona Constitution to help us fight a single payer system. This also protects us from a single payer state system, which some Democrats in the Arizona Legislature have been trying to craft. I think we should have the right to purchase whatever insurance we want--or to choose not to purchase any. It's called FREEDOM.

Prop. 102--I'm voting YES--I can't believe that this proposition is so controversial--what a novel idea--marriage between one man and one woman. If that makes me horrible--so be it!

Prop. 105--I'm voting NO--Updated...After reading the comment below, I took a closer look at this proposition. It's worded really tricky, and sounded good to me--but after reading the comment below, and looking HERE at this website--I am changing to a NO. That's why I hate some of these propositions, it makes it difficult for someone to figure out what they are actually proposing, and you have to read deeper into it to make a decision. This prop. actually counts people who DON'T GO VOTE as a NO vote automatically!!! Do you see that in the text? Me either... So sorry for my earlier position. Thanks to whoever left that comment for helping me "see the light"...luckily I haven't voted yet!

Prop. 200--I'm voting NO--This one is tricky. I know that some people have been ripped off in these payday loan places, but I think this one comes down to personal responsibility. If you are going to go and get a loan from one of these sharks--you need to read the fine print. It's not the governments responsibility to protect you--it's your responsibility to protect yourself.

Prop. 201--I'm voting NO--This is one crazy proposition--think about this: If you sell your home you are required to give the buyer a ten year warranty--and anytime something goes wrong in that 10 years, they can come back and sue you. Not only that, if you win the lawsuit this prop. says that you can't even recoup your attorneys fees. Homeowners bill of rights??? I don't think so. This is the insurers and trial lawyers just trying to get more work at the expense of other peoples misfortune. NO NO NO!

Prop. 202--I'm voting YES--If you are against illegal immigration, this will help to weed out the companies that are hiring illegals, and will also make it harder for them to find jobs, sending them elsewhere. I think that businesses should have to play by the rules. We have also had our identity stolen multiple times in the last few years--causing us grief every time we have to apply for credit for a loan. This gives stiffer penalties for that crime which I am all for.

Prop. 300--I'm voting YES--although it's been on the ballot for every election since I can remember, and I vote yes every time and it never passes. I don't think $30,000 is too much to ask for for a legislative position in state government. It's just a matter of getting a better salary so that we can have good people run for office. I will vote yes again, and it probably won't pass again--oh well.

So this is how I am voting--it doesn't matter how you vote--just make sure you go and DO IT! Your ballot needs to be postmarked by this Thursday--or you can bring it to the polling place on election day! Your vote counts--especially on these propositions.

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Goldwater said...

You are completely misunderstanding Prop 105--all it does is take power AWAY from people. Please read the Arizona Constiution and visit for more on this.

What you will find is that our state's founding fathers did not trust government, so they created the initiative process. THE ONLY THING 105 does is effectively elimintate the initiative process by changing the rules on who is counted after all the votes are cast. 105 makes the un-American proposal of counting people who do not even vote (it would require majority of all "registered" voters, not just a majority of ballots cast).

105 applies to every conceivable initiative not just those that raise taxes or spending. In 2004 voters already instituted a safeguard that restored fiscal responsibility to our initiative AND referendum process. It says that any initiative that requires new spending must be paid for with new revenue.

105 only applies to inititiatives which are the only tool of fiscal conservatives (granted they can be misused by others) to go around our legislature. With a GOP legislature we had some safeguards, but imagine a Dem legistlure with no initiative process available to override them.

It would be insane to pass 105, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum.

It is WRONG to count people who don't vote.

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